Jun 2, 2015

New Website

Well, here we are. With a brand new website.

I wanted something simpler, with less content but the right amount of information. Something that would focus a bit more on my music, as well as my sound design.

Because I was a graphic designer in a past life, I am extremely difficult to please, which is why I would never put somebody else through the horror of having design my site for me.

Hopefully this revamp is an improvement and is easy and interesting to use.There’s plenty of music to listen to and projects to read about.

The main things is that I think it reflects me and my music in a way that will be helpful for anyone wishing to work with me. And if you want to work with me, head on over to that Contact page and get in touch!

I’ve got a bunch of interesting new work coming up this year (as well as some major upheavals in my non-work life!), so I’ll hopefully be adding some interesting news about all of that in the coming months and keeping this News/Blog section alive and kicking.

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