The Snarling



This project is an extremely proud moment for me because The Snarling is my first ever feature film score.

The Snarling is a low-budget British horror comedy with a really talented cast and some great gags. I am lucky enough to be a long-time friend of one of the producers (who also stars in the film) and he didn’t hesitate to bring me onboard to provide the soundtrack.

It has been an absolute blast putting together the soundtrack, as writing to picture is what I enjoy doing most as a composer.

Despite being a comedy horror, I pretty much decided to play the score ‘straight’ and let the actors and script worry about the laughs (although there are one or two little moments where I may have embellished the odd joke!). I took a relatively conventional approach, with strings providing much of the tone of the score. There’s also plenty of my own synth sound design and drum programming, as well as a few esoteric little instruments such as the hammered dulcimer and monochord.

I am really proud of the end results and will be putting together an album version of the score very soon.

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