Synth Programming


Michael Price is one of the UK’s leading contemporary composers. He has worked on the scores for major TV series such as Sherlock and Jekyll & Hyde (alongside David Arnold), and also produces wonderful solo work on my very favourite record label, Erased Tapes.

After picking up a copy of one of my commercial synth soundsets, he got in touch asking if I would be able to provide some sounds for a TV series he was working on, called Unforgotten. I leapt at the chance, as I had previously enjoyed meeting him at a small concert he was performing and also the premiere for a film he had co-produced.

Unforgotten is a fantastic UK drama series with a stellar cast: including Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Trevor Eve, Tom Courtenay and Gemma Jones.

Michael asked me to provide him with some sounds that had a piano feel, both hybrid in nature and synthesized. An obvious choice for this was Omnisphere 2, with its various sampled pianos and keyboards, combining them with other sounds and also using granular synthesis. I also made some piano-esque pads with Zebra, providing an ethereal physically modelled string  texture.

Although it was a small project with a tight deadline, Michael was great and inspirational to work with. It’s a pleasure to have been a small part of such a terrific piece of television drama.

Images: copyright of ITV

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