Crystals of Time



My second project with RVL Games. I had enjoyed the first experience on Girls With Secrets, so agreed to also score their next game: Crystals of Time.

Crystals of Time is the story of a young woman whose grandfather goes missing when visiting an old stately home. The game features puzzles and problem solving, as well as elements of time travel, as you try to work out what has happened to the grandfather.

I was able to be a bit more experimental on this soundtrack than I had the previous one, with longer pieces of music to write. Adding to my usual piano and strings approach, I went with an eclectic and mysterious collection of instruments, primarily centred around a cristal baschet and glass armonica – which I felt leant an otherworldly, ambiguous texture.

I also spent some time programming some unusual, atmospheric FM synthesis sounds and a collection of lo-fi, low key percussive loops.

The final, curve ball, sonic texture was a haunting solo choir boy.

This was one of my favourite projects to have worked on, primarily because of the complete freedom I was given to come up with something original for the soundtrack.

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