Dead Rising 3

Synth Programming


One of the composers I’ve working with for the longest is the extraordinarily talented Sascha Dikiciyan. He is a legend in game music, having worked on major titles such as Mass Effect, Borderlands and Quake.

He contacted me when he was signed on to write some music for Dead Rising 3. I had played the previous version of the game and had enjoyed it immensely. Working for Sascha is always a joy, so I was happy to contribute some synth sounds for him again. Especially as he told me he was looking for some classic, analogue electro synths in the style of John Carpenter.

It was hugely enjoyable to create warped and weird, old skool synth patches for his work on Dead Rising 3. I highly recommend checking out some of the music he wrote for it over on his website.

*Game image is copyright of Capcom.

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