Unearthed: Episode 1



Unearthed is one of the first (if not THE first) computer games to be made by a developer from the Middle East. Semanoor Games contacted me after hearing some tracks of mine online, as they were looking for a main theme for the game.

The Semanoor team were great to work with and quickly established that they’d be prepared to allow budget for some live elements for the track. In the end I was able to add solo female vocals (recorded in Bulgaria), oud (recorded in Australia), ethnic flute (recorded in the Netherlands) and baglama saz (recorded in the UK). It was a very international affair. I even did some live percussion in my own studio with my bendir and darbuka.

This was my first time working with live musicians and vocalists and was huge fun. The main theme was such a success that I was asked to write a few more cut scene cues for gameplay.

The game itself is very much in the vein of Tomb Raider and Uncharted – a rip-roaring, treasure hunting adventure, set in the Middle East.

The Semanoor team are currently hard at work on a much more expanisve and dynamic Episode 2 of Unearthed, which hopefully I should be scoring the whole of.

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