Synth Programming


I have had the great pleasure of working Sascha Dikiciyan (alter ego, Sonic Mayhem) ever since I began in the world of synth programming, some three or four years ago.

About two years ago, Sascha announced to me that he was going to write an EP. That EP later grew into an album, called Doomsday, which has just been released.

It’s a terrific album, especially if you are already a connoisseur of his marvellous game scores. Doomsday manages to be both full of terrifying, aggressive noise and sumptuous, atmospheric melodies. Quite an achievement. The album also features collaborations with talents such as Powerglove and Malukah.

Oh, and me. Those two years ago, Sascha and I set about making a host of patches for the album, using two Native Instruments synths, Absynth and Massive. A fun project that has born the fruit of a very good album. And if you purchase a copy of the special Producers Edition of Doomsday, you get all the synth patches that we made.

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