Spitfire Audio Kinematik

Synth Programming


Spitfire Audio are one of the leading sample developers in the world, working out of Abbey Road and AIR studios in London. And whilst much of their focus has been on orchestral and instrumental sample libraries, last year they launched a new synth/sound design line called eDNA Earth.

They asked me to create a new ‘cartridge’ of sounds for eDNA Earth and I leapt at the opportunity.

eDNA Earth works as a synth/sample library, using original soundsources created and recorded by Spitfire Audio. These incredible original samples have made from a variety of sources, including analogue synthesizers and some of the finest orchestral musicians in the UK, and then manipulated and mangled by the Spitfire boys into something truly unique.

On top of this you have the eDNA Earth synth itself, and that’s where I took to doing sound design work with their samples, creating brand new cinematic patches. The focus of my cartridge, Kinematik, was on the organic/analogue sounds that accompany a lot of contemporary neo-classical music. So there’s a focus on broad soundscapes, widescreen drones and lush pads.

It was truly a privilege to be invited to work with masters of their game and to do something a little bit different from the usual synth programming work.

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