Epic Emotional Ambience



I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not really into epic/trailer music. So, I was a little surprised when master of the form, Gothic Storm, approached me about putting together a trailer library album.

Fortunately, I discovered, the idea was to do a more ambient trailer album. The focus of the album was big, epic sounding ambient atmospheres and melodies – none of the usual trailer stuff, such as thundering percussion, shouting choirs or big brass stabs.

A number of the tracks on Epic Emotional Ambience took existing pieces of music that I had written as demo tracks for my commercial synth soundsets and adapted them for a bigger, wider sound. The key word in the album title for me was ’emotional’. I wanted melodies that would move people, tug at their heart strings. Hopefully I achieved that.

What will certainly have helped is having a number of the string parts in the music re-recorded live by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. My first experience of having live strings recorded – a real treat!

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