Omnisphere 2

Synth Programming


The original Omnisphere softsynth has been a major part of my studio ever since I started out on this musical journey. It has also been one of the key synths for my commercial soundset releases.

Eric Persing is a synth programming legend, having been behind the majority of the Roland sounds throughout the 80s and 90s, and it had been a tremendous pleasure to get to know him and other members of the Spectrasonics team.

Omnisphere 2 expanded on what was already an incredible synth, adding extraordinary levels of depth in synthesis, re-sampling and control. It was an amazing experience, and an honour to be asked, creating new factory sounds for the release of Omnisphere 2. When I released my first soundset for Omnisphere, I could not have imagined I would be working directly with Eric and Spectrasonics some two and a bit years later.

The factory sounds I created were all about exploiting the new soundources, synthesis modes and effects controls, which was a great learning curve for myself, especially as many of these factors were being tweaked and amended as the launch day approached.

I am looking forward hugely to working more with Omnisphere 2 and releasing some new soundsets for it in the coming year.

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