Halt & Catch Fire

Synth Programming


As a synth programmer, one of the things you don’t necessarily expect is to be asked to make some new sounds for a former member of synth legends, Tangerine Dream.

But that’s what happened. Paul Haslinger, who is now a very successful film and TV composer, approached me to create some new sounds for a TV series called Halt & Catch Fire. The series is a drama all about the beginnings of the home computer industry in Silicon Valley during the 1980s. For this, Paul wanted sounds the evoked the synths of that time but with some contemporary edges.

I grew up in the 80s, listening (thanks to my older brother) to a LOT of synth pop: Ultravox, Human League and OMD. So it was a huge pleasure to delve back into those sounds and create something a little new with them.

I had a really great time working with Paul on this project. So much so, that we teamed up again for the second series of Halt & Catch Fire.

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