Access Virus Signature Soundset

Synth Programming


Having been entirely focused on programming software synths for a few years, it was hugely exciting to be approached by Access synths to produce a signature soundset for their Virus TI2 range of hardware synthesizers.

Not least because I knew that names that had previously done one included the likes of Howard Scarr, Richard Devine and Sasha.

You can probably imagine my excitement when a brand, spanking new Virus TI2 Polar arrived in the post. Ans what a hugely enjoyable synth to play with! I really love synths that have a lot of hands-on control, and the TI2 not only had this but also had a really useful and intelligent software editor too.

The Virus range has been a mainstay in dance music production for nearly 20 years now, so it was a really fascinating challenge for me to use that same engine to produce more cinematic sounds. And there was something really cool about sitting in my kitchen, with the Virus hooked up to my laptop, creating patches for this one!

You can download my signature soundset, Chiarascuro, for free from the Access website.

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