Olympus Has Fallen

Synth Programming


It was extremely exciting to have an email out of the blue from Trevor Morris asking if I would be interested in contributing some synth sounds to a new score he was working on. I had been kindly recommended by another composer.

Obviously I leapt at the chance to be involved in a Hollywood film, even if it was a very small cog in the wheel, and I was already an admirer of Trevor’s work on the TV series, The Tudors.

The film turned out to be Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler. A tale of North Korean terrorists taking over the White House and, naturally, only one man can save the president and the nation!

In the end, a number of talented sound designers worked with Trevor on the score and I was never entirely sure whether any of the sounds I created for him were used in the final version of the soundtrack. It was still a great opportunity and a valuable first lesson in working on a Hollywood film.

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